Still learning my yard.

What a way to enjoy the day…moving around the yard, expressing my gardening ability has gotten better. Is there such a thing of wanted to do more and learn more about my yard, what flowers work well and how to make my yard look better? I am curious to see what I can come up with next.

If always feels like continuous work, but I am so in love with the progress.


Re-Directed Energy…

This weekend, I had to re-direct my depressed energy from my broken, failed 2nd marriage. This journey has not been the best and the energy was pulled into a dark place by hurt, pain and disappointment. This place should not have been allowed, but the journey has taught me a lot.

Re-directing that energy into something more positive has given me the light I needed to move out that dark space. Self-love seems easier to say than to do…I am opening the stairs to self-love one step at a time again.

These are my re-directed photos, with more to come…

Gardening and enjoying the pleasures of the end result feels rejuvenating. From before, during and finishing was so refreshing. I have plans for more and will share over the next few weeks.


Gardening has now become my peace place. I never imagined that I would like gardening so much. Its peaceful, is relaxing and all rewarding when you see what all your time and energy has been spent on.

Gardening as a new passion has given me the understanding of watching growth come to light. Seeing the results through my personal life and growth in the garden is oh so sweet.

I think I will continue, as getting the reward from my growth experiences is giving me the drive to strive for more…

As soon as I read this…

As soon as I read this it felt like a strong woman. Many people can be under-estimated and even looked over, until you back them into a corner or push them too far. Women often take a back seat to expression and as the picture says – hot water…you better watch out. I myself take the back seat at times and find myself in this position of boiling over when the pot has grown hot.

Don’t allow yourself to boil over, but continue to to express yourself, your thoughts and emotions.

Great quote from Eleanor Roosevelt!

Sharing ideas…



What a feeling…

When you wake up and hear your spouse tell you that everyday is your anniversary to him – what a feeling. When you feel so much joy thinking about your future with your spouse – what a feeling. When you can honestly say, I am in love – what a feeling. When you never thought you could be in that moment of peace – what a feeling. When you know your spouse love you just as much as you love him – what a feeling. When most of your time together you know he is going to make you laugh – what a feeling. When nothing else maters when you and your spouse are together – what a feeling. When your spouse treats you like you are the center of his world – what a feeling. When you realize, I am married to my dream spouse – what a feeling.

Marriage is not a walk in the park, but when the good days out weigh the bad days   WHAT A FEELING!

Happy Anniversary My Love!


Time well spent

It’s times like these that I realize who I want to grow old with. When we want to just spend time together, when we just want to be in each other’s company, and when time just seems to spend around you two.

My husband had no idea what we were really getting into when I said let’s go to the DC zoo. He just said okay. All afternoon was just me and him; laughing, joking, eating, walking and talking about the animals like never before.

These times will forever be cherished with my love…